Friday, August 30, 2013


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely one. It's going to be a long weekend here, so we're planning on a couple of fun things after a busy work week — a visit to the art gallery and a movie date, too. How about you?

(photo by paula magnani freitas via poppytalk)

Art Gallery Into Home

The home of 91-year-old African art specialist and former gallerist Egon Guenther in Linksfield, Johannesburg was once a gallery — his gallery, actually. The Egon Guenther Gallery was a 1965 addition to the home Egon built in the late 1950s, lived and raised his family. Now his daughter, Miriam Grech-Cumbo, and her husband, Aurelio, live in the main house, and in turn raise their own family, while Egon stays in the former gallery wing, surrounded by his personal collection of stunning African art. More about it here on House and Leisure.


Now this is a bookstore. La Bibliothèque Méjanes in Aix en Provence, France.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sweetness and Light

A perfect spot to spend a late summer afternoon.

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This week's links. Enjoy.

A Bookstore in Paradise
Eleni of the lovely blog Grecian Paradise had a recent post about the gorgeous bookstore Atlantis Books on the Greek island of Santorini — as Liz Lemon would say, I want to go to there. Stunning.

Feeding the Detectives
Fun BBC radio feature about how food plays a prominent role in detective stories.

A Love of Craft
Guardian writer Hannah Booth visits three studios to discuss the state of fine craftsmanship today — woodworkers, a glass blower and a globe maker.

Wild Squatters
After this cottage in Finland was abandoned, a new set of occupants moved in — the local wildlife. Utterly charming photos of shy foxes, a family of badgers and more by photographer Kai Fagerström, who patiently waited for hours at a time to capture the perfect image. 

What Do Underground London Stops Taste Like?
Truly fascinating — a man with synaesthesia who can 'taste' words created a flavour map of the Tube after visiting every stop during a 49-year project. Some stops sound delicious — others, not so much.

What We've Lost to Technology
Excellent and thought-provoking essay by Rebecca Solnit for the London Review of Books on what we've lost with the digital era — for one thing, the space to think and dream.

12 Animal Adjectives to Boost Your Vocabulary
Impress your friends and up your Scrabble skills with these 12 obscure animal adjectives, starting off with 'anguine', or snakelike.

Spaghetti with Oven-Roasted Tomatoes and Caramelized Fennel
I love that this recipe was shared with Saveur magazine by a New York-based opera singer — rather romantic. It also sounds like a perfect recipe for early fall suppers.

(photo from my second hand life via simply grove)


I'm smitten with the beautifully shaped and hand thrown Tea Bowl by Ben Fiess — perfect not just for tea, but for anything else you might care to drink or eat, too. Available from Leif.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Moments of Beauty

What to wear when the weather is unsettled and stormy — a chic rain hat. Model Elena Bartels photographed by Léa Nielsen for L'Officiel Ukraine, August 2013.

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A Petite Retreat

Just a 25 minute drive away from their home in Holbaek, the 39 square metre 1960s cottage of Lone Backs and Nels Rasmussen feels worlds away from daily life in town — this tiny space is an oasis of peace and tranquility for them. When they purchased it ten years ago, though, it was a rather gloomy box of a house, thanks to walls covered in dark wood paneling and tiny windows. So they pulled off the paneling (and discovered a boarded chimney in the process, where they now have their stove), plastered and painted everything white, added a large new window and built two terraces — the northeast one is where the family eats breakfast, and the southern one acts as an extra room in the summer (it's also an outdoor kitchen). Bamboo furniture left behind by the previous owner has been updated with new cushions, while flea market finds (or, in the case of the dining room table, found discarded on a construction site) furnish their tiny space, supplemented with plenty of pillows and blankets for a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. And a small triangular guesthouse in the backyard, part of the house's original annex, is a perfect retreat for guests. With its easy access to the beach and quiet surroundings, it's easy to see why Lone and Nels eagerly look forward to spending as much time as possible in their charming small beachside home. More here on Bolig Magasinet.

(photography by tia borgsmidt)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Simple Pleasures

A personal art collection, assembled slowly and with love.

(photo via lorenzo castillo by way of pinterest)

Atelier: Caroline Gomez

Today I'm admiring the work of Caroline Gomez, which embraces the concept of natural and slow design, with pieces made from wood, ceramic, leather and fabric. Love her clean modern interpretation of traditional materials. Shown here are a few of my favourite pieces — more from her website/shop here.

Monday, August 26, 2013


A groovy and eclectic room to start your Monday with retro inspiration. Have a good one.

(photo by nicolas millet)

Edgy Black and White

Fashion stylist Sofia Ragnwald Odier and her husband, fashion photographer Nils Odier, have busy professional lives that often take them to New York and Los Angeles. They used to live with their two children in a large apartment in Stockholm, but five years ago they rented a small cottage on Osterlen in Skåne for a holiday away from the city. There, surrounded by a deep rural peace, they determined to find a way to combine their professional work with a country lifestyle, in order to give their children a healthier and simpler life. The farmhouse they now live in has a traditional exterior, but inside is pure urban in style — softened with rough hewn beams, an antique dining room table, wicker furniture and other rustic details. More about it over at Residence.

(photography by pia ulin, styling by lotta agaton. via husligheter)

Friday, August 23, 2013


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely one. We're looking forward to a late summer barbeque — and with great weather in the forecast, it's going to be perfect. How about you?

(photo by jeroen van der spek)
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