Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sweetness and Light

A beautifully simple still life, to add a little colour to your day.

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This week's links. Enjoy.

Amazing Grace
Great interview with Grace Coddington, US Vogue's creative director, about her recently published memoirs. A must for anyone with an interest in fashion.

Thirteen Albums for Winter
Peter over at the beautiful absinthemindedswede blog has put together another great playlist — this time a selection of albums for winter listening. Check out Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson, Kate Bush, Sigur Rós, Mazzy Star and John Coltrane among others.

Sketching at IKEA
I love the Urban Sketchers site — and recently the sketching group in Stockholm decided to go sketching at the IKEA just south of Stockholm, which also happens to be the biggest IKEA in the world. The link takes you to their drawings and what they thought about it, too.

Books of the Year for 2012
Recently The Guardian asked some excellent authors to choose their books of the year. Their picks are intriguing, interesting, fascinating — and a great way to get ideas for holiday giving, too.

Why Design?
Inspiring video produced by Herman Miller, featuring the design duo behind hundreds of Muji’s no-brand products, discussing why and how they work — and how imperfection breeds good design.

Thank You 30 Ways
Jenn over at the lovely Bits of Beauty blog recently participated in a fun project with a friend of hers — a video of people saying thank you in 30 different languages (that's Jenn at the end, saying it in Arabic). Conceived of and produced in just one day, it's a great tribute to the power of the internet, with people sending in their contributions from all over the world. They're now collecting clips for an expanded version of at least 100 languages, too — now's your chance to become a contributor!

Top of the Bill
From festivals to charity gigs, the multi-act pop concert has a long history. But what was the greatest line-up of all? David Sinclair presents 17 contenders ...

Comic Relief — Daniel Craig and Catherine Tate
An oldie but goodie — Daniel Craig and Catherine Tate fall in love for Comic Relief 2007. Hilarious.

Bright and Lively Beet Borscht
A perfect winter lunch or light supper — warming, healthy and a stunning ruby colour, too.

(photo by kristofer johnsson)


Smitten again by the hauntingly lovely song Svefn-G-Englar by Sigur Rós — and the award winning video for it, too. Have a look here.
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