Thursday, November 08, 2012

Sweetness and Light

Love this playful child portrait — the wonky pigtails just make me smile.

(photo by gzi24 on flickr. via nouvelle nouveau)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Rue Gastronomy
Wonderful and wistful letter from Paris about changes in an historic street. As Liz Lemon would say, "I want to go to there."

How to Talk Like Jane Austen
October 30 was Talk Like Jane Austen Day, which celebrates Austen's first published novel Sense and Sensibility — follow the link to a list of 10 Austenite words and their use in the novel.

Loss and Gain, or the Fate of the Book
Lovely essay by Anthony Daniels on what it truly means to be a book lover at a time when an appreciation for the physical experience of reading books is slowly dying out. Loved this one. Via Andrew (thanks!)

Hollywood Unseen
Slide show of behind the scenes shots from Hollywood's golden age, taken by the studio photographers — check out Humphrey Bogart on a bike, Joan Crawford boxing on a beach and Lana Turner fishing among others.

Wind Map
Elegantly designed project that charts in real time the moving patterns of wind over the United States. I first came across this when Hurricane Sandy was in full force, and it was eerie to see the swirling vortex of wind hovering over New York.

War and Prosthetics: How Veterans Fought for the Perfect Artificial Limb
Fascinating article on the development of artificial limbs, and how their design was driven by the veterans of centuries of war. A bittersweet reminder — especially with Remembrance Day just around the corner — of another way that veterans have contributed to society.

Ninety-Two Years of Women Voting, in Pictures
Great gallery of archival images of American women voting, from 1920 — the year after the Nineteenth Amendment passed — to now.

Cubicles Made From the Detritus of Demolished Buildings
This is such a good idea — can't think why it isn't done more often.

Spinach Puffs
Lovely little puff pastry, spinach and feta cheese appetisers — easy to make and perfect for the upcoming party season.

(photo by sk├Âna hem via q en bleu)


I'm smitten with this lovely Brownie print by Jessica Brilli, available here from Mammoth and Company.
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