Thursday, October 04, 2012

Sweetness and Light

Love this 2010 collage work by the French photographer ValĂ©rie Belin, titled Black Eyed Susan — beautiful.


This week's links. Enjoy.

The Canvas and the Triangle
Interesting piece in Vanity Fair about the ongoing battles over Red, Black and Silver, said to be the last work of art by Jackson Pollock completed before his death in 1956. His mistress Ruth Kligman said she watched him paint it, while the Pollock-Krasner Authentication Board, whose members were close with Pollock’s wife, Lee Krasner, have questioned its authenticity.

Beck Remixes Glass
Looking forward to this one —  the upcoming collection of remixed Philip Glass tunes. Follow the link to hear Beck's contribution, the 20-minute piece "NYC: 73-78," which includes samples from more than 20 Glass songs.

The Riddle of the Griddle
Writer Bee Wilson meditates on how we continually return to faithful old friends in the kitchen — a favourite wooden spoon, a perfectly sized pan — even when newer ones are at hand.

Line Klein Photography
Lovely profile over on Trendland of Line Klein, the Copenhagen-based acclaimed editorial photographer who specializes in food, lifestyle and portraits. Beautiful work.

Metamorphose: the Life and Work of M.C. Escher
Great 1999 documentary by Dutch director Jan Bosdriesz about the artist M.C. Escher, covering his entire working career, beautifully shot and edited with stock footage of the period, interviews with the artist himself, and of course many shots of his work.

Every On-Screen Drink in Mad Men (in Less Than 5 Minutes)
Bryan Menegus of Slacktory created this supercut video highlighting all the drinking shown on the TV series Mad Men. Lots of material for him to work with ...

DoeDeMee — 100 Book Covers to Fight Illiteracy
For DoeDeMee, Belgian artist Tom Haentjens united 100 artists from 28 countries to take part in a co-creation project to help raise awareness of illiteracy in Africa. Each artist has redesigned a poster-sized cover for a book on the 100 all time best books list compiled by Robert McCrum in 2003. And for each poster sold, 5 euros are donated to UNESCO projects in Africa. Direct link to the covers here. Beautiful work. Via The Guardian.

Saveur's 150 Classic Recipes
In honour of their 150th issue, Saveur magazine has put together a fantastic collection of classic recipes from all over the world. Wonderful.

(photo by bart brussee)


I'm smitten with this gorgeously atmospheric image of fog-shrouded trees, by Canadian photographer TJ Watt. Stunning. Available as a print here from Mammoth and Company.
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