Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sweetness and Light

A lovely warm autumnal still life, to get you in the mood for the season.

(photo by noel barnhurst)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Icons of Style
Vanity Fair slide show featuring icons of style from the silver screen, including Audrey Hepburn (of course), Grace Kelly, Fred Astaire, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Cate Blanchett among others.

Rethinking Sleep
Fascinating NYT article about how our ideas about sleep (and how much we really do need) are changing radically — our ancestors had very different sleep patterns than what we now have.

Six Women Science Pioneers Celebrated in Posters
Check out these great minimalist posters that honour the contributions of six pioneering woman scientists — radioactivity researcher Marie Curie, physicist and astronaut Sally Ride, primatologist Jane Goodall, marine biologist Rachel Carson, British biophysicist Rosalind Franklin and computer scientist Grace Hopper. Inspiring.

Winslow Homer's Studio
Interesting slide show tour of American landscape artist Winslow Homer's newly renovated studio by the seaside in Prouts Neck, Maine.

Best Recently Reissued Books
Just discovered that The Telegraph has a weekly column covering reprinted editions of books — some which have been out of print for many years. This week's list of reissues features playwright Arthur Miller's autobiography Timebends, Richard Hughes’s novel The Fox in the Attic (set against the social and political upheavals of WWII), Malcolm Bradbury’s 1959 academic satire Eating People Is Wrong, Italian-Scottish diplomat Daniele Varè's The Maker of Heavenly Trousers, based on his experiences in Peking in the Thirties and Joan Aiken’s children’s classic The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, set in an alternative 19th-century England that’s bitterly cold and overrun with wolves.

The Secret Spy Life of James Bond Producer Harry Saltzman
An excellent example of how truth is stranger than fiction — fascinating.

Google Street View — Under the Sea
Via Laughing Squid: "Google Street View is now available under the sea. Six coral reefs around the world, including The Great Barrier Reef, can now be explored using Google’s panoramic technology (video). The imagery was captured by Google partner Catlin Seaview Survey." Direct link here. My afternoon productivity just took a nosedive ...

English Crumpets
Treat yourself to a scrumptious weekend brunch treat with this lovely recipe for home made crumpets — add butter and jam or honey and you're good to go. Via Always With Butter.

(photo by jake curtis)


I'm smitten with this wonderfully cosy sweater by the Japanese company Mixmind. Perfect for chilly autumn days.

(via pinterest)
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