Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweetness and Light

A lovely relaxed sleep space — love how effortlessly beautiful it is.

(photo by lily)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Poets and Money
Lovely essay by Charles Simic on how, despite all odds, people continue to write, read and love poetry. Much of what he says could be applied to other creative pursuits, too — dancers and painters would definitely relate to this.

Cartoons About Modern Art
From its first appearance with the Impressionists right up to the present day, cartoonists have had a field day poking fun at modern art. Looking at this collection, a selection of cartoons from A CHILD OF SIX COULD DO IT! published by The Tate Gallery in conjunction with a 1973 exhibition on the same theme, it's interesting to see how over the years the tone of the cartoons gradually changes from outright hostility to affectionate teasing.

Cottage Cheese Mixed With Sour Cream? I Tried the Liz Taylor Diet
When writer Rebecca Harrington discovered a copy of Elizabeth Takes Off, Elizabeth Taylor's self-penned 1987 diet book, she decided to give it a try, devoting two weeks to Liz's regime. The food is truly awful (steak with peanut butter, anyone?), but Liz sounds like she was a lot of fun to hang out with.

How to Read a Victorian Novel
Rohan Maitzen offers slightly tongue-in-cheek advice on how to approach reading a Victorian novel, for those daunted by their sheer bulk and rich prose. Happy reading! Via Kottke.

The Garden of Decaying Books
Hauntingly beautiful, the Garden of Decaying Books in Quebec, Canada was designed in 2010 by Berlin landscape architect Thilo Folkerts and Canadian artist Rodney LaTourelle. It's now begun to bloom, with delicately lovely fungi and mosses. Amazing. Via Explore.

Farm to Face Skin Care
A fave of Julianne Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow, Tata Harper's artisanally crafted, 100% natural skin care products are made from plants grown on her Vermont farm as well as farms from all over the world — Tasmania, Czech Republic, France, Israel, Egypt, and the Amazon. Tata was inspired to create her line after after discovering the number of toxic additives used in skin care products during her stepfather’s treatment for cancer. A reminder to read labels when shopping for beauty products as well as for groceries.

Famous Album Covers Recreated Using Socks
I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Fun — and also an affectionate tribute to a time when record covers were big enough to showcase amazing art and photography. Via Laughing Squid.

Baked Eggs
This easy Saveur recipe is a perfect weekend brunch dish — add coffee and fruit on the side and your Sunday is off to a lovely start.

(photo by felix forest of andrea millar's home via the design files)

Sponsor Spotlight

Delicately beautiful, the Sienna Sunset Ring Stack by Robindira Unsworth are made from citrine, rhodolite garnet, citrine and smokey quartz gemstones set in 22ct gold vermeil (gold plating over sterling silver). Named after the stunning city of Sienna in Tuscany, Italy, these beautiful rings will add a lovely note to any wardrobe. Available from Lobo Luxe.

Add sophisticated style to your home with the Acrylic Console Table from Black Rooster Decor. Streamlined and versatile, this table looks good with traditional, modern and everything in between. And thanks to its nearly invisible presence, it's perfect for small spaces, halls or anywhere you want to avoid visual clutter. And — there's free shipping for orders within Ontario!

Renovating your kitchen? Now would be the time to invest in that perfect sink you've dreamed about — Quality Bath has this lovely Reversible Fireclay Farm Sink by Whitehaus on sale for just $594.00, a huge savings on its regular price of $1360.00! Doing the dishes just went from being a chore to a pleasure. (kitchen photo via house to home)

Add modern style to your home with the Concrete Pedestal Candle Holder from Bates Mercantile Co. Highly versatile, this small pedestal and bowl can be used as a votive candle holder, small planter for air plants or for small succulents. Its elegantly simple and sculptural form would look great in any space, too.

Keep your small treasures in style with the charming Wooden Keepsake Boxes from Small Equals — perfect for storing everything from pencils to love letters. Liza of Small Equals is also looking forward to being featured in the local statewide newspaper, which will include the fab image shown here (and which may well show up on a future keepsake box, too).

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