Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sweetness and Light

A casual jacket gets fancy with a giant silk flower corsage. So pretty.

(photo from j.crew via everly true)


This week's links. Enjoy.

The 25 Most Fashionable Films in Hollywood
Fun slide show of films with amazing clothes — all look great, and some have inspired entire crazes for now-iconic pieces (such as Audrey Hepburn's little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's) or a look (Diane Keaton's wardrobe in Annie Hall).

A List of Rare Things By 11th Century Japanese Court Lady Sei Shonagon
From Brain Pickings: "Between the 990s and the early 11th century, Japanese court lady Sei Shonagon set out to record her observations of and musings on life, Japanese culture, the intricacies of the human condition. Her writings were eventually collected and published in The Pillow Book (public library) in 1002." Charmingly cynical. I've read The Pillow Book, and I must say Sei Shonagon had a wickedly observant eye — and was not a woman to cross, either.

History of Prog
Slate has a fascinating 3-part series on the strange and surprisingly short history of progressive rock: "But if ever a form of popular music dropped dead suddenly, it was prog. Progressive rock essentially disappeared, and has remained in obscurity for 35 years, ridiculed by rock snobs, ignored by fans, its most famous artists—Yes, King Crimson, ELP, Jethro Tull—catchphrases for pretentious excess."

13 Simple Aerobic Tips
Helpful ideas for making aerobic exercise a regular part of your life from Dr. Weil.

Occupational Photographs
From Design Observer: "In the mid-19th century, during the early days of photography, it was a common practice to have your portrait made with the tools of your trade, hobby or passionate interest." Looking at these images makes me think of how Sherlock Holmes used to deduce someone's trade merely by observing the cut and condition of their clothes — something he'd be hard pressed to do today, with so many of us wearing always new, mass-produced pieces.

Taking a Hard Spill in Designer Shoes
A cautionary tale of the rise and fall of Sigerson Morrison, the company formed by Fashion Institute of Technology students Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison, who went from being fashion-world darlings with celebrity clients to losing everything after a fatally poor business decision. A sad reminder that fashion is a business as well — and to keep a good lawyer on retainer when it comes to contracts.

Julia Child and Me
Gourmet magazine is celebrating the centennial of Julia Child's birthday, and among the great features is this lovely piece by former food editor of Gourmet Sally Darr, who recalls her food-filled friendship with Julia. Includes two related original recipes — Chicken Roasted with Garlic Cloves and Soupe Au Pistou. Bonus — Architectural Digest is also remembering Julia with this house tour from their archives, a 1976 AD article by Julia about her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

French Apple Tart
Saveur magazine is also honouring Julia with a collection of recipes inspired by Julia Child — including this sumptuous but surprisingly simple Apple Tart. I think I'll be trying out this one in the fall, when local apples are at their peak.

(photo by jeroen van der spek via 79 ideas)


I'm smitten with the Inverted Box Pullover from Oak — a fleece sweatshirt with an interesting front box pleat and unfinished edges. Perfect for cooler days ahead.
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