Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moments of Beauty

The delicate colours of this lovely photo remind me of the sea — love the contrast of the model's dark hair against the soft turquoise. So beautiful.

(photo of danish designer cecilie bahnsen’s collection 2 by olivia frølich. via the sea has neither meaning nor pity)

Blue Sky and Sea

This idyllic house in Cadaqués, a pretty town on the Costa Brava with stunning views of the sea, is the summer retreat of Yves and Marie, who each year leave their busy lives in Toulouse, France, and spend their time here in rustic simplicity and peaceful contemplation of the spectacular scenery. Their home, designed by the Catalan architect José Luis Aloso Eijo, is essentially two large glassed in white cubes — one for the children's and guest rooms, the other the living room and master bedroom. A patio joins the two spaces, and the use of simple natural materials and clever sliding walls keeps things airy and relaxed. Beautiful and magical. More here on Marie Claire Maison.

(photography by christophe dugied)
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