Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sweetness and Light

A summery room with a carpet that looks like the perfect sort of grass for running barefoot through.

(photo from hus & hem via wild spirit)


This week's links. Enjoy.

New Life for an Ancient Church
Given the job of converting the crumbling 18th century Sant Francesc convent in the small Catalan town of Santpedor into an auditorium and cultural centre, architect David Closes could easily have smoothed over the years of damage and neglect. Instead, he chose to highlight it. Follow the link to see the beautiful result.

When SoHo Was Young
This sounds like an interesting read — check out this book review of 112 Greene Street — The Early Years, the story of an art space in 1970s SoHo New York, told in the "informal, hyper-articulate, at times hilariously surreal voices" of artists.

Seasonal Treatment Face Mask
Treat yourself to a soothing summer face mask designed to hydrate, counteract sun damage and gently exfoliate using natural ingredients from the kitchen — including strawberries, organic whole milk and limes.

Remembering Herb Vogel
New York art collector Herbert Vogel, a long retired postal worker, died on July 22 at the age of 89, leaving behind an extraordinary legacy of cutting-edge Minimal and Conceptual art, as well as his partner in collecting, Dorothy Vogel, who survives him. Follow the link to learn their amazing story — and do see the documentary Herb and Dorothy if you get the chance, too. It's wonderful.

Gesundheit Radio
Cute video of the 1972 Gesundheit Radio "sneezing," something it was programmed to do twice a year to clear out the dust from its sensitive components. Aachoo!!

Miles Davis Blind Listening Test
From Noise Made Me Do It: "Down Beat magazine interviewed Miles Davis in 1964 and asked him for his opinion on some music via a blind listening test, and checked his ability to pick out other musicians based on the way they played." Unsurprisingly, Miles not only has an amazing ear but some very frank opinions, too. Via Andrew (thanks!)

The 600 Year Old Bra
An Austrian castle is the site of an archaeological discovery that has changed fashion history — four linen bras dating back to the Middle Ages. Previously it was thought that bras were only around 100 years old, as women gradually abandoned the more restrictive corset.

Take to Work Breakfasts
Kimberley of the lovely The Year in Food blog recently put together a lovely post for Bon App├ętit magazine of ten great ideas for take to work breakfasts, including Breakfast Quinoa with Blueberries and Maple Syrup, Kale-Green Apple Smoothie, Berry Salad with Goat Cheese & Black Pepper and more. Get inspired — and start the day in a healthy way, too.

(photo by liz vidyarthi photography via nothing wack can stay)


I'm smitten with The Clash boot by LD Tuttle — perfect for fall. The band of the same name is pretty awesome, too. Available from Creatures of Comfort.
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