Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Road trips. There's nothing like getting out of the city — even if it's just for a day — and having a little adventure. I love checking out the tiny farmer's roadside stands of corn, blueberries or whatever is in season.

(photo from anthropologie's july 2007 catalogue. via sweet + lovely things)

Atelier: Vintage Romeo Gigli

I recently discovered two vintage issues of Taxi magazine while clearing out an old trunk — and when, happily flipping through their pages, I saw this spread on Italian designer Romeo Gigli, I just had to share. Enjoy.

(photography by patrizio nesi for the august 1989 issue of taxi magazine, featuring model anastasia with hair and makeup by cristina zanatta. images scanned by me)

Meet the Sponsor

I'm very excited to introduce you to brand new automatism sponsor Famille Summerbelle! Created four years ago by Anglo/French duo Simon Summerscales and Julie Marabelle, Famille Summerbelle brings a love of design and interior decoration to their lovely online shop, offering beautiful paper cut decorations, prints, wallpaper, bags, cushions and more. Shown here is just a sampling of what they carry — do hurry over to their store to see more of their unique and wonderful designs!

And ...

My latest Houzz ideabook is live! This month's theme is Milk — have a look here.

(milk table light by kasper rønn & jonas bjerre-poulsen available from finnish design shop)
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