Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Free Internet

I'll be off Twitter for 24 hours, in support of the strike against SOPA/PIPA — check out this video to find out why. Automatism will be updated as usual just after midnight on Thursday.

(photo by ellen silverman)

Moments of Beauty

A sumptuous Venetian setting today — love the colours and the architectural details.

(photo of anna de rijk by sofia sanchez and mauro mongiello for tar magazine #6 — more from the same editorial here, though please note that some images are NSFW. via fashion gone rogue).

Garage to Loft

It's hard to believe that this light-filled loft space in the heart of Camden, London, was once a garage, then a pair of dank, interconnected ­bedsits spread across two floors. Measuring just 85 square feet, owner Darren Isaacs and Knott Architects have made use of every inch of space available, tucking cupboards into the eaves, suspending pots and pans from beams and hiding away the appliances behind sleek white cabinetry (along with the TV and kitchenware). But there's also interesting aesthetic touches besides the practical, such as a staircase made from a single ribbon of cold, rolled steel, left to develop a patina of rust before it was sealed, with logs for the fire stored neatly underneath. A calf-skin LCW chair by Charles and Ray Eames adds pattern and curves, books add warmth and a personal touch to the loft, and a typographical tramlines poster, found by Isaacs in his native ­Australia, adds graphic punch to the white walls. Now a bright and relaxed home, it's a great lesson in finding the potential in even the most unpromising space. More info here on The Guardian.

(photography by sophia evans)
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