Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight

Enjoy the sunny outdoors in style this summer with Black Rooster Decor's lovely Rochelle Arm Chair. Endlessly versatile, its clean industrial lines mix well with both traditional and modern pieces. Chairs are in stock, and there's a little bonus for automatism readers, too — order now and receive 15% off until June 1st 2012! Just enter code SUMMER2012 at checkout to receive your discount. Shipping is free within Ontario and best rate shipping to the US is offered, too. Outdoor entertaining just became more fabulous!

Add a pretty touch to your warm weather wardrobe with the delicately lovely Eternal Pendant by Shauna Mayben, from Lobo Luxe. Made from 100% upcycled sterling silver, upcycled perspex and freshwater pearls, this unique double sided piece offers two looks in one, giving the wearer lots of versatility. Shauna says of her work: "The items I make are of high quality materials and manufacturing using traditional craftsman techniques insuring stability, durability and a long life of wear and tear. Each piece therefore becomes an artistic, one of a kind collector’s item. My items also have an intellectual narrative telling a story…it’s not just a bauble to adorn."

With the onset of long sunny days and mild evenings, perfumes begin to feel a little heavy — this is when the lighter scents of colognes come into their own. Add a delicately fragrant finishing touch to your summer routine with the lovely Jasmine Grandiflorum Spray by Lunaroma Aromatic Apothecary in Burlington, Vermont. Made in small batches especially for Small Equals using only the purest ingredients, this light and flowery scent is the perfect size to tuck into your bag, pocket or your car for a refreshing spritz whenever desired. For an extra treat, try the Coffee/Jasmine Facial Elixir, too!


liza said...

Thanks Lori. You are the wordsmith today, when I am tongue tied.

automatism said...

You are so welcome, Liza — just glad you're happy with the spotlight blurb!


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