Monday, October 17, 2011


A soft and gentle start to your Monday. Have a good one.

(photo from the purl bee via gingerella)

Small and Sweet

The small country cottage of Sarah Rayner and her partner Jeff in Maleny, Queensland is a great example of how two collectors of vintage can merge their finds without having it take over their home. Much of what they have is in everyday use, such as the vintage dining set in the kitchen, and the living room sofa, a second hand find that Sarah discovered ten years ago and had re-covered. Other pieces display their collections, such as the vintage telephone table that is home to the bakelite phone and radio. I love how they've kept a feeling of lightness and personality in their tiny space — so inspiring. More here via Homelife.

(photography by jared fowler for country style magazine, oct 2011)

Rustic Tranquility

The Maison LubĂ©ron is an intriguing mix of a very old exterior with very new accessories — all happily living together with a stylish nonchalance that's very French. Found here on Marie Claire Maison.

(photography by vincent leroux)
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