Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sweetness and Light

Reading is sexy — or it makes you terribly absent minded.

(vintage hanes ad from what makes the pie shops tick? on flickr, via audrey hepburn complex)


This week's links. Enjoy.

A Bite With Julianne Moore

Gourmet talks to the Academy Award-nominated actress about her off screen passion for food, including family meals and her work with Mario Batali. Love her.

The Latest Decor Trend — Locker Decorating
Middle school girls are discovering the joys of decorating in an unexpected space — chandeliers, magnetic wallpaper and carpeting are making the humble school locker a far cry from merely being a place to dump books, coats and gym gear.

It's Time to Get the Designers In

Intriguing piece in the Guardian about how Finland uses designers to help solve tough social issues. Really innovative — wish we could see this sort of thinking here.

Denise Hamilton on Perfume
Fascinating Q&A with novelist and perfume enthusiast Denise Hamilton about the history of perfume — and why she considers it an art form.

Swallows and Amateurs
Weather forecasts by professional meteorologists are about 80% accurate. Writer Robert Butler goes for a walk with David King, the hobbyist who does better ... to the point that even Clarence House has been in touch, through an intermediary, about the weather for William and Kate’s big day.

The Fight Over Keep Calm and Carry On
Fascinating story of how English bookseller Stuart Manley found a folded WWII poster at the bottom of a box of random books he'd bought at auction in 2000 — and the ensuing phenomenon and current copyright controversy.

Would You Play a Video Game About Kerning?
Kern Type by Method of Action is a simple web-based educational game meant to teach amateurs the basics of typesetting. Clever idea. Via Fast Co. Design.

How to Build a Chic Cardboard Castle
Fun DIY project for kids — creative, hours of play and perfect for a rainy day.

Dumplings in Demand
Who doesn't love dumplings? Gourmet has a delicious selection of dumpling recipes from all over the world, ranging from Italian gnocchi to Portuguese pierogies, delicious Turkish manti (served with a creamy yogurt dip) and China's wide variety of sweet and savory dumplings with vinegar, soy, and chili-based sauces.

(photograph by marjon hoogervorst from stylist anouk b's portfolio)

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