Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sweetness and Light

All the gorgeous colours of the sea are in this collection of shells. Love.

(lovely photo by mikkel vang)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Just Like a Woman
Thought provoking review of two new books that rescue the brilliant Jane Austen from being dismissed as a writer of romantic froth. Hear hear — she is so much more than that.

Model Transformations
W magazine has a fun slide show featuring legendary models transformed into other famous people — check out Linda Evangelista, Karen Elson and Jessica Stam among others. Slightly NSFW — just so you know.

An Elegantly Frugal Rental in Maine
Inspiring slide show of the home of Michael Fleming, a Maine artist and furniture maker who works with driftwood; his partner, Jennifer Wurst; and their young son, Finn — all living stylishly on an income Ms. Wurst calls “near poverty level.” Their secret? Found and handmade furnishings, thrift and ingenuity. Beautiful.

A Stitch in Time
Fed up with the often trashy designs on offer in children's clothing stores when shopping for her young daughter, Alexandra Lange started looking for vintage clothing patterns, quickly discovering that her own taste in kids' clothes is the same as her taste in furniture, art and architecture — the 1960s. She particularly loves the mod Mary Quant look — for herself as well as for her daughter, which is actually right on trend for fall.

Adventures in Indiana State Fair Food 2011
The Incidental Economist rounds up his family and heads off to sample the wildest of state fair food — including the doughnut burger, the ice cream burger, deep fried peanut butter cups and deep fried kool-aid. I think my arteries hardened just reading about his afternoon there. Via The Browser.

The College Years
It's back to school this week — armed with personal histories and transfer credits, grads from ’88 to ’15 hold a fall-semester seminar for The Morning News on majors, dorms, and the types of roommates to avoid.

1961 Disneyland Fashion Show
This is pretty awesome — a recent discovery of 12 awkward photos from a 1961 fashion shoot set in the "fairy-tale backdrop of Disneyland in Anaheim California." Wow. Via dinosaurs and robots.

Tomato Cobbler
Hannah of the gorgeous honey & jam blog offers this intriguing recipe, which she rightly describes as being the perfect balance between summer and fall. Must try this one.

(lovely photo by bart brussee)
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