Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sweetness and Light

Love the little ticking stripe covered sofa — so pretty. See the rest of this lovely little apartment — which is a really clever mix of vintage and flea market finds — here, too. Via Traditional Home.

(photography by Max Kim-Bee)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Cover Girl
Tired of sun frazzled hair? Adopt Jackie O's nonchalant summer style of a head scarf topped by oversized sunglasses — follow the link for some fetching scarf designs to choose from.

Maybe It's Time For Plan C
Interesting NYT story about the second thoughts of the recent wave of white-collar professionals who've left demanding corporate careers to follow their dreams of becoming self-employed as chocolatiers, bed-and-breakfast proprietors and the like.

If There's A Man Among Ye: The Tale of Pirate Queens Anne Bonny and Mary Read
Read on for the wild, gruesome and hair raising true exploits of two female pirates, who were definitely no shrinking violets.

Top Ten Books to Read Aloud
Author Mal Peet picks the bedtime story books he and his children most enjoyed — including Roald Dahl's The BFG, The Wind in the Willows, Oliver Twist and more.

The Victorianator
Longing to answer your cellphone with the rich eloquent tones of a Victorian reconteur? Check out this fun iPhone app, developed by a team of poets, graphic designers and computer scientists at Concordia University in Montreal.

Artist's Palate
Wallpaper magazine has a great series featuring a recipe for a favourite dish by an artist, accompanied by a photo inspired by their work — the link takes you to Christo and Jeanne-Claude, but do have a look at the other artists, too.

Ark Nova Mobile Concert Hall
This is such a wonderful concept. A huge inflatable and lightweight mobile concert hall will host free concerts in areas of Japan devastated by the earthquake and tsunami which hit earlier this year, designed by the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki in collaboration with the artist Anish Kapoor. Check out the drawings — just lovely.

Where Children Sleep
Photographer James Mollison's new book is of portraits of children and their rooms around the world — and it documents some huge contrasts. Definitely thought provoking. Via kottke.

A Celebration of Pesto
Saveur has some delicious suggestions for taking advantage of late summer's bounty of tomatoes and fresh basil — their four course pesto feast features Pesto Focaccia, Proven├žal Vegetable Soup with Pistou, Pesto-Rubbed Chicken with Panzanella and even a dessert of Pesto Panna Cotta with Tomato Sorbet and Candied Pinenuts.

(photo from kitka via brickhouse)
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