Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Moments of Beauty

Love this beautiful portrait by photographer Brigitte Niedermair — just stunning. Prints of Fly Away are available here from The Mammoth Collection.

Upwardly Mobile

This is definitely one of the most interesting conversions I've seen yet. An old grain silo in the village of Kfar Hess is now the home of Lovka and his wife and children, after they decided that their home in Tel Aviv was growing increasingly cramped — Lovka is not only a photographer, but a serious collector. Now they have more than enough space for his wonderful finds as well as for his family — though Lovka says that for the first month or so after the move, stray grains would keep falling on their heads, to everyone's amusement! I love how cleverly repurposed the vintage pieces are — such as the two old stoves that are now a desk, or how old film canisters have been turned into an interesting collage. So fun. More here on Marie Claire Maison.

(photography by Fran├žois Goudier)


My July ideabook for Houzz is being featured on the front page today! It's called Summer at the Seaside and you can see it here.

(Thomas Paul Scrimshaw Dessert Plate Set from Velocity)
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