Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sweetness and Light

With the record heat we have here today, I'm thinking this would pretty much be the perfect place to be.

(lovely photo of praia piquinia by christian chaize, available here. via gingerella)


This week's links. Enjoy.

It's All In The Moves
Why do models stand as they do? Isabel Lloyd ponders the ins and outs of posing, and Royal Ballet dancers show how it could be done.

Make Your Own Pinhole Leica Camera
Designer and photographer Matthew Nicholson's project Making the Desirable Accessible through an A4 Printer (2011) is a series of do-it-yourself templates for high-end products. Just download the paper template, print it on an A4 printer and make your own Rolex watch, bespoke gentleman's suit — or a pinhole Leica camera.

Chicago 2010 Poster Biennial
Check out this great slideshow on Design Observer of highlights from the Chicago 2010 Poster Biennial — just amazing design.

When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?
Turns out that gender-specific clothes are a recent phenomenon — in the Victorian era, all small children wore white dresses, with boys graduating to pants at the time of their first haircut at age 6 or 7. Fascinating piece of social history. Via The Browser.

Vintage Dog Photography
Check out this charming slideshow of vintage dog photos, selected from Photography Going to the Dogs, a new Kennel Club exhibition depicting man's best friend from the 1850s to the 1950s.

How We Buy Wine for the Queen
Curious about what you'd be drinking, should you find yourself at a Buckingham Palace dinner one evening? Surprisingly, it might very well be something you can pick up at the local wine store.

Here's Looking at Hue
Originally conceived as an inspiration site for designers, this lovely website takes beautiful photos and arranges them by colour. Just gorgeous (though please note that a few images might be considered NSFW). Via Good.

Nicoise Salad
With the weather hitting record highs here, we've been eating a lot of cold suppers this week. Salad Nicoise is one of our faves, but I'm not a purist when it comes to the actual ingredients, sometimes adding cold potatoes or skipping the capers if they're not on hand. Here's a good basic recipe from Martha Stewart.

(dining room of tine kieldsen of tine k via french by design)

Armchair Traveler

The Marble Caves of Rio Tranquilo, Chile.

(photo by dan luxe via els 50)
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