Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweetness and Light

I can't get over the colour of the water in this photo of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. So beautiful.

(photo by peter baker via mrs. french on pinterest)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Rue Magazine
The May/June issue of Rue is out! Find yourself some quiet time and settle down for another lovely read.

The Old-World Artistry Behind the Modern House of Chanel
About a decade ago, the fashion industry's increasing appetite for fast fashion threatened to close the ateliers — many in operation for more than 150 years — that worked in highly skilled arts like hand beading and embroidery. Chanel then decided to make a daring move and, over the last nine years, bought seven of the most specialized ateliers in Paris, ensuring both the survival of a dying industry and the continuation of the house's own couture techniques. Don't miss the slideshow!

The Secret Ingredient: Quirky Travel Tips
Guardian travel writers reveal how they've made their trips more memorable by getting off the tourist trails — taking house tours, having a project, going on a taxi tour, visiting a sporting event and more. Great ideas for making your next holiday an interesting one.

More Culture = Less Stress
A recent study published in the British Medical Association's Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health finds that people who go to museums and concerts, create art or play an instrument are more satisfied with their lives, regardless of how educated or wealthy they are. Another excellent reason for supporting the arts.

The Tale of the Rose
A review in the Times Literary Supplement of the new book The Rose by Jennifer Potter, which explores how throughout history the rose has not only been valued for its scent and appearance, but as a complex symbol and metaphor, too. Sounds like a lovely read.

Reborn in India
Wallpaper magazine's June edition is devoted to India — check out their website for links by the guest editors for the best of Indian street fashion, destinations, art, boutique hotels and other cool stuff.

Green With Envy
Cute trailer (Amy Adams!) for the new Muppet movie.

Eat With Your Eyes: Five Museums Devoted to Food
These sound like amazing places to visit — definitely a fun and refreshing change from the usual round of art galleries while on holiday (as much as I love visiting those too).

(lovely photo by Pia Ulin)
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