Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sweetness and Light

Love this. A photo of the Amber Chair, created by Jaeuk Jung — preserved inside, like a fly in amber, is an antique chair which is then tranformed into a new and contemporary piece of furniture. Extraordinary and beautiful. Via AnOther.


This week's links. Enjoy.

Email As Interpretive Dance

This is just so cool. An iPhone/iPad app by Dutch type foundry Typotheque uses a real dancer — Valentina Scaglia of Netherlands Dance Theatre — to convert plain text into a sequence of graceful poses based on the shapes of the letters themselves. Love.

Moby's Castle
Check out this New York Times slide show of musician Moby's lovely new home — a 1920s castle in the Hollywood Hills with views across Beachwood Canyon, now restored to its former elegance. Such a serene and beautiful space.

Cyclepedia: A Tour of Iconic Bicycle Designs
Have a look at a selection of cool bikes in this slideshow from Cyclepedia, the new (and stunningly designed) book by Michael Embacher.

Line of Beauty: Bad Girls
Matthew Sweet has compiled a list of fascinating women who were (or are still) wild, dangerous, cultural rule-breakers and/or a mix of all three.

Ever wonder about the secret life of your pocket change? Find out when you watch this cute stop motion animation short by Olly Newport! Via laughing squid.

The White House Redecorated
It's easy to forget that the White House in Washington isn't a museum, but a home to live in — and, like all houses, gets redecorated by whoever moves in there. Recently the White House Historical Association commissioned a set of pictures to explore what those famous rooms might have looked like at different moments in American history. Very cool.

Automatic for the People
All around the world vending machines are offering much more these days than the usual soda or chocolate bars — how about live crabs (China) or a rental bike (Netherlands)?

Breakfast for Mum
Saveur has a nice menu for a lovely breakfast in bed for Mum on Mother's Day — fresh coffee, a tall mimosa, warm buttered toast, cheesy baked eggs and a parfait of sweet rhubarb compote, tart Greek yogurt, and granola. The perfect start to the day.

(photo by Didier Delmas via Solid Frog)
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