Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Art Project: Chairs of Berlin

Over the last year or so Stephanie DeGooyer and Maegan Magathan have been documenting abandoned chairs on the streets of Berlin, using disposable cameras with expired film. In the past they've exhibited their photos in a gallery setting, with personal notes and transcriptions from interviews with artists, architects, designers, flea-market vendors and historians. Now they're now looking to do something new for an upcoming exhibition on May 7 in New York City as part of the SchoolNite and the New Museum's Festival of Ideas for a New City — and they need your help. Because of the costs of using old technology, they're asking for donations to help cover conversion of all negatives to slides, the purchase of a slide-projector of specific quality for an exhibition, a screen, travel costs for a collaborator, and insurance for the space. In return they're offering their supporters a piece of their archive — allowing you to become a part of the artistic process. I actually know Stephanie (she's a friend of my brother) and I'm excited to see her doing such an interesting project. If you'd like to become a supporter, you can find out more here.

Moments of Beauty

Who knew that peaches could be so exquisitely beautiful?

(gorgeous photo by Victoria Pearson)

Bohemian Sweetness

The lovely Copenhagen home of Lotte, her French boyfriend Mathieu and their two year old daughter Chloe is a beguiling mix of design classics, contemporary art, vintage finds — and unusual natural elements, such as the tree trunk leaning casually against the wall in the dining area. As you can see, it all comes together beautifully — this lovely serene atmosphere must be a daily pleasure to live in. More here from Bolig magasinet.

(photography by Karina Tengberg)
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