Friday, April 01, 2011


Happy weekend! Hope it's a good one. I think ours will be fairly low key as I'm still getting over this very persistent cold, but as the weather is set to be rain mixed with snow, it's not a bad weekend to curl up indoors. What are you up to?

(lovely photo by Mikkel Vang)

Meet the Sponsor

If you're not already reading Tina's wonderful English Muse blog, you're really in for a treat. Focused mainly on books, decor and photography, it's not only beautiful to view but thought provoking, too — I continually find myself jotting down this book to read, that magazine to pick up or this movie to go see. Her recent post about the inspiration journals of Rachel Duarte (shown above), definitely had me digging out my own journals with a view to updating. But I do have to confess to being a bit biased, too, as Tina is as lovely a friend as she is a blogger — in fact, I've just created a new banner for the English Muse, which debuts today! Pop by to have a look — and stay for a rewarding browse.

Not only does the charming Lillian of Unstitched have a beautiful blog about decor, travel, design, collecting, weddings and more — she's just as lovely herself, as her recent gift to a friend shows. Lillian recounts in a recent post how for her friend's 24th birthday she hand wrote 24 birthday wishes — some heartfelt, some funny, some quirky, as she says — and tied each one to a balloon, which she then hand delivered. Such a sweet and memorable thing to do — and I'm sure her friend will remember it forever. Visit Lillian's blog here. (photo by Lillian)


Some people really know how to have fun.

(via i hate music)
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