Friday, March 25, 2011


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely one. We're planning on heading to a local cafĂ© for a bit of sunshine and a leisurely Sunday brunch — how about you?

(great photo by Douglas Friedman)

Big Style, Small Budget

Neither Camilla, who is a child care worker in Copenhagen, nor Peter, who works at a catering company, have careers notable for making a lot of money. What they do share is a highly developed talent for finding beautiful things and arranging them to great effect in their home. Their look, Camilla says, is all about mixing styles — investing in a few items of good quality (found through online auctions) with more affordable pieces discovered in local second hand shops. "There's no reason to buy everything from new," is Camilla's sensible explanation of how she and her boyfriend can surround themselves with great things on a relatively modest budget. The result is a home that's fresh, pretty and definitely inspiring. Article (in Danish) and more photos here. Via Boligmagasinet.

(photography by Tia Borhsmidt)


Love Vivienne Westwood — so brilliant at melding classic English style with true English eccentricity.

(photo from the Vivienne Westwood f/w 1987 collection via Audrey Hepburn Complex)
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