Monday, March 14, 2011


A serene monochromatic still life, to start your Monday off gently. Have a good one.

(lovely photo by Melanie Acevedo via gingerella)

A Work of Art

As a child, the painter Tove Mauritzson lived in the Swedish countryside outside Malmö before her family moved to a village on the coast. As an adult, she lived in big cities like Stockholm and Edinburgh, but when her art studies were completed it was to southern Sweden, with its memories of an idyllic and free childhood, that she returned. Eventually she settled into a large apartment in Svarta with the light and space she sought as an artist. The building is one of a series of austere and minimalist two-storey townhouses designed by the Danish architectural firm Vandkunsten, but inside Tove's home the mood is anything but severe, with its cheerful flea market finds, family heirlooms (including a stuffed owl that appears in a painting by Tove Mauritz's grandmother) and of course her brilliantly coloured art. Filling each room with colour and personality, her paintings also reflect her surroundings — the china dogs in the bedrooms appear in several of Tove's works, while a woven fabric with British equestrian motifs used on chairs around her home decorates lamp shades and furniture in painted form too. Animals also play a big part in her life — Tove's dogs Lulu and Signe keep her company when she paints (and serve as models, too). Now, as she awaits the birth of her first child, she continues to paint these themes but says that she now plans to paint people, too — Tove wants to do a family portrait when the baby is born. More here on

(photography by Sara Svenningsrud)

A Note

It's been lovely to have so many great new visitors to automatism recently, thanks to the nod from Blogger as their Blogs of Note pick last Friday — but it's also meant making a few small changes here. Regulars will notice that comments are (regretfully) now fully moderated. Also, for those who've asked — please note that I don't do link exchanges. I'm also going to have to take a time out on responding to emails asking for blog advice and/or info, too. Instead, I'd recommend that new bloggers and new online business people take the time to check out Design*Sponge's great Biz Lady series, where you'll find excellent info on topics such as online etiquette and ethics. It's super helpful stuff.

Thanks for your understanding — it's all wonderful, just a little overwhelming right now!

(lovely photo by the wonderful Pia Jane Bijkerk)
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