Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank You

I was thrilled to discover that Blogger picked automatism as its Blogs of Note choice on Friday — thanks so much to Blogger for the nod, and to everyone who came over from there to visit!

(lovely photo by Magdalena Björnsdotter via blue pool road)


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely one. The weather here has turned miserable yet again — lots of snow followed by lots of rain — so it looks like it might be an indoors sort of weekend for us, catching up on some reading and watching an old movie or two. What are you up to?

(photo by Patric Johansson for Sköna hem)

A Loft With a View

What were once attic servant quarters have been transformed into an airy loft apartment, perched amid the rooftops of Paris. The unusual U shaped layout, the result of knocking down walls during the remodeling, allows the maximum amount of natural light inside, while clever hidden storage throughout keeps this family home from getting cluttered. The white walls throughout reflect the light and provide a visual flow in the small apartment. With its infinite views over Paris, it's an exhilarating as well as a comfortable space to live in. More info (in French) here on Marie Claire Maison.

(photography by Nicolas Mathéus)


Illustrator James Gulliver Hancock has an intriguing ongoing project — he's attempting to draw every building in NYC. Shown here are a few buildings on Rivington. Check out his great portfolio of published work here, too. Via kottke.
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