Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sweetness and Light

Love the textures and colours of this beautiful still life photo by Mikkel Adsbøl.


This week's links. Enjoy.

Top 10 Eccentrics in Literature
Author David McKie chooses his top ten eccentrics — fictional and real — ranging from the characters of Dickens to the fifth Duke of Portland, who was so fearful of being observed that he dug tunnels to carry him around his estate.

New Lives for Old Paper
Book review of Cutting Edges: Contemporary Collage, featuring 75 collage artists from around the world. Some of the art from the book is shown in the article — gorgeous and inspiring work. Just added this to my book list.

Genius Actor, Genius Scientist
Interesting NYT piece about Natalie Portman and other actors who also happen to be brilliant at science. From the article: "Hedy Lamarr, the actress habitually regarded as “that most beautiful woman in Hollywood,” was a rocket scientist on the side, inventing and patenting a torpedo guidance technique she called “frequency hopping,” which thwarted efforts to jam the signals that kept the missiles on track."

The Life of Edward Gorey, Told By An Old Friend
Must get this. The Strange Case of Edward Gorey — written in 2000 by Alexander Theroux, one of Gorey's close friends — is being reissued. Theroux has rewritten, expanded and redesigned the original monograph, which is now out in hardcover. A fascinating look at a fascinating man.

It's All About the Prop Master
Long ago when I was an art school student, a friend of mine was invited to take a tour at a prop house, with the possible end of being hired on as summer help — and happily I was invited along too. For various reasons my friend never took the job, but ever since I've had a real fascination for this aspect of the movie business — this fun little piece from NPR gives an inside look at what a prop master does for a living.

Blackbeard's Treasure?
First discovered in 1996 in the North Carolina shallows, archeologists are still busily excavating the notorious Blackbeard's flagship Queen Anne's Revenge, nearly 300 years after it ran aground in June 1718 after a career terrorizing the Caribbean. So far no treasure, but lots of interesting artifacts — and only an estimated 50% found so far, too.

Philip Glass Launches an Art Festival
This sounds amazing. On August 19 modern composer Philip Glass will launch the first annual Days and Nights Festival at the Hidden Valley Theatre in Carmel Valley. It will offer an eclectic mix of music, dance, theater, poetry and film offerings.

Maple Syrup Tasting Notes
With maple syrup season coming up fast, Saveur chooses their 14 favourites from Canada and the USA. Pancakes, anyone?

(lovely photo by Anna Kern)
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