Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Moments of Beauty

Love this pretty and informal flower arrangement, photographed by the wonderful Jose Villa.

(via it's mary ruffle)

French Conversion

Fifteen years ago Julie and Daniel Michels were looking for an escape from their busy city life in Marseille. Near Saint Rémy de Provence in southern France, they discovered a barn overlooking olive trees and apple orchards, and while their three children Mathilde, Lucas and Emily were little they spent many happy weekends camping out together in their then very basic retreat, cooking on a gas stove and sleeping under the stars. Now that the kids are grown up and coming to visit with their own children, Julie and Daniel turned to Annick Lestrouhan, owner of the lifestyle store Honoré in Marseille, to help them rebuild their beloved barn into a rustic home that would be able to accommodate their expanding needs. Beyond asking that the character of the barn be retained, they gave Annick a free hand with renovating the space. So, a concrete floor was put down, roof and walls were separated and a new wooden ceiling was added, providing a loft space above. The kitchen and dining room are now open to the main living space. The local blacksmith, Monsieur Noël, made the stove and the large glass doors leading out to the garden, while the original large iron sliding barn doors have been retained. And after so many years of living in a large open room, Julie is enjoying the privacy of separate bedrooms, noting how it is so much more convenient when guests are staying over — and the loft has now turned into grandchildren's domain, who often bring their friends. Decorated throughout with a mix of vintage finds from various markets, garage sales and items from the Honore in a nature inspired palette, it's now an idyllic country retreat for family and friends. From Vårt Nya Hem via Husligheter.

(photography by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer)
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