Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweetness and Light

Love how this pretty and ornate fireplace contrasts with the simpler lines of the midcentury modern chairs — all set off with some great art.

(lovely photo by Douglas Friedman)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Lost Daphne du Maurier Stories Discovered

I love a good book sleuthing story. Bookseller Ann Willmore, co-owner of a bookshop in du Maurier's home town of Fowey in Cornwall, discovered the stories in long forgotten short story collections.

The Rise of Vintage Technology Collecting
The recent sale of an Apple 1 computer for $212,267 during an auction at Christie’s in London changed everything in the market of technology collecting — what was once readily available on eBay is now becoming increasingly rarified. A look at the hottest new area of collecting.

Street Photography in London
Check out this fascinating slideshow of candid London street photography from 1860 to the present day, selected from the new exhibition at the Museum of London.

A (Shockingly) Short History of Hello
Ever wonder why we say "hello" when we answer the phone? Now you can find out why — though I must confess that I'm rather partial to Mr. Burns's "Ahoy - hoy?" on The Simpsons.

Zing But No Alcohol
There's been an upsurge of interest recently in restaurants creating nonalcoholic cocktails that are actually interesting to drink — great news for designated drivers, or for those who simply don't care to drink. So nice to have options instead of the usual soda water or pop.

Heavy Stuff on Top of People
And now for something completely different — vintage photos from the Life magazine archives of, well, heavy stuff on top of people.

Typographic Makeup
Fun little short film of makeup being used to honour four outstanding typographic designers. Via brainpicker.

Honey Chocolate-Chip Cookies
These look like a delicious alternative to the classic chocolate-chip cookie — I'll definitely be trying this recipe!

(photo by Douglas Friedman)
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