Monday, February 21, 2011


Hope your Monday brings a warm and cosy start to your week.

P.S. The weekend baking experiment was a little wonky but turned out great! We used the New York Times No-Knead Bread recipe.

(lovely photo from vt wonen via room 269)

Paint It Black

The Berlin apartment of German set designer Sylvester Kozioleks is a sharp contrast to the trend of white-painted lofts — here almost every surface is black, from the floor up. But what might have been mere gloom is enlivened by Sylvester's collections — wood midcentury modern furniture, decorative pieces from the 1920s Bauhaus period and lamps in Murano glass, which glow beautifully against the dark background. Technology (a computer and a TV) are discreetly hidden away in a cupboard — Sylvester doesn't like machines. Dramatic in approach (unsurprisingly for someone who works in theatre and film), it's a way of decorating that focuses the eye — just as a black velvet-lined jewel box displays to advantage a beautiful necklace. More here on

(photography by Andreas Toelke)
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