Monday, February 14, 2011


Hope your Valentine's Day Monday is stacked with sweetness.

(gorgeous photo by katie quinn davies via it's mary ruffle)

Next Stop: Home

This extraordinary chalet in the mountains was once a train station. Now repurposed as a home, it retains traces of its former usage, with equipment left in situ to give an industrial vibe to the interior — the former baggage scales now stores firewood by the original fireplace in the lounge area, while the dining room (once the engine room) is separated from the kitchen by a huge generator. A collection of modern art and midcentury furniture adds warmth and personality to the space, but the main focus is outwards, where there's spectacular views of the railway on one side, and of the mountains on the other, making it even more special. Extraordinary. More (in French) here from Marie Claire Maison.

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you celebrate with a loved one, family or friends, may it be filled with warmth and happiness.

(Little Flower Personalized Hearts framed artwork available from sarah and bendrix on etsy)
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