Friday, January 28, 2011


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely and relaxing one. We're going to be staying in, as Andrew (poor guy) is fighting off an icky flu bug, so while he recuperates on the couch I'll be making soup — and doing a bit of illustration work now and then, too. How about you?

(photo from the July 2006 issue of LivingEtc via it's mary ruffle)

Poetry in Paper

It all started twenty years ago when artist Pierre Pozzi built a table using paper pulp. What was an experiment became a trademark, and his career using paper as a medium was launched. But it's in his loft-like duplex in eastern Paris that Pierre has created what he calls his "masterpiece." Here in his home, delicate and susceptible to a pencil stroke or flame, his fragile work in white paper adds poetry to the day — a chandelier in the dining room hovers like a gentle cloud above the table, softly rustling with each chance air current. Curtains of fringed paper in the kitchen and bedroom add texture and movement, bringing a quietly mysterious life to normally static spaces. In the end, though, his approach goes beyond aesthetics to expand into his true message: "I think people should learn to respect and be more careful and attentive to objects. Thus they will respect each other." More (in French) here. Via Marie Claire Maison.

(photography by Mai-Linh)


Pantone chip cookies, created by designer/illustrator Kim Neill — find her recipe here.

(via paper aeroplane)
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