Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Moments of Beauty

Winter glamour for you today, courtesy of Vogue China (2005). More here, too.

(via 79 ideas)

A Tunisian Retreat

Ready for a little escapism from chilly winter winds? This lovely nineteenth century Tunisian home, located near Carthage, is owned by two stylists for a Tunisian clothing brand. When they purchased the house, they asked the interior architect Philippe Boisselier to undertake its restoration, asking that he keep its original (and lovely) Art Nouveau details while infusing a breath of modernity into it as well. The result is a virtually untouched exterior, complete with a classic courtyard with a stone basin filled with waterlilies — a deliberate contrast to the modern interior, which has the look and feel of a loft. Inside, local Tunisian grey stone on the floor and an open layout helps keep the house cool and comfortable in the heat, allowing breezes to circulate freely throughout. Furniture and decoration are low key and minimal — the emphasis is on the space itself rather than what's in it. A tranquil and inspiring space to live in — perfect for two creative people. More (in French) here on Marie Claire Maison.
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