Monday, December 05, 2011

A Loft Retreat

Located on the Jutland peninsula is a farm belonging to Hanne Lind and Peter Bonderup, two Danish architects who, after a hectic 17 years of city life in Copenhagen, decided to take refuge in this natural setting. Both fans of minimalism, they decided to use only three materials in the construction of their country home — concrete, wood and polycarbonate. As it happens, concrete is their favorite material, wood is abundant in the North and polycarbonate has the advantage of allowing in daylight while being more insulated than glass — an important advantage in winter. A heated floor allows Hanne to walk around the loft in bare feet in winter as well as summer, while the thick walls keep the house cool when it gets hot outside. Now Hanne, Peter and their two dogs Lino and Karla welcome friends who often drop by to enjoy dinner around the fire — and who can also stay overnight in the old barn converted into a self-contained guest bedroom. Living a life attuned to the rhythm of the changing seasons, it's a world away from their former city existence. From here on Marie Claire Maison.

(photography by mai-linh)

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Sara said...

I love the long wall-mounted bookshelves. They're the perfect height for binders and hardback books and don't look junky at all.

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