Friday, September 30, 2011


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely one. We're in for a spell of rainy and rather oddball weather, so I think it'll be a relaxed and indoorsy kind of weekend for us — which I'm really looking forward to, actually, as I ended up working through most of last weekend! How about you? What are you up to?

(photo from the portfolio of designer darryl carter. via elle decor)

Glamorously Casual

The London flat of Sofia and Niccolo Barattieri di San Pietro is designed to not only be beautiful, but easygoing, too — a place where the family can relax and entertain in a casual way. Designer Paolo Moschino, who renovated the couple’s apartment, describes it as the Italian way. “In Italy, you might have a big palazzo, but you serve mozzarella and tomatoes for lunch, and your guests are all laughing and talking. It’s a relaxed approach within the historical grandeur of a room.” I particularly like the nonchalant display of antiques, the natural light throughout — and the great art, too. Read more here on Elle Decor.

(photography by simon upton)


Love the mischievous fun of this photo by Kurt Hutton from 1938, called Two at the Fair, England. These gals (as my grandma would say) are clearly having a great afternoon.

(via els 50)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sweetness and Light

Love love love the mobile in this beautiful photo by Denise Bonenti — gorgeous.


This week's links. Enjoy.

Flick Chicks
From the latest issue of the New Yorker, the wonderful Mindy Kaling's guide to women in the movies. Love her.

Rei Kawakubo
Just found this, but it's still an interesting quick read. The elusive Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons responds to AnOther's question about what makes her a figurehead of fashion. Great images of her spring/summer 2010 collection, too.

Charles Dickens Characters Illustrated

To start a year-long celebration marking the bicentenary of Charles Dickens's birth, the Observer has a fun illustrated guide to some of the most vivid personalities in Dickens's work, from Miss Havisham to Mr Micawber, the Artful Dodger to Little Nell. Click on each figure to see details and a quote.

New Feist!
Stream the brand new Feist album Metals in full — follow the link!

People Who Became Nouns
Fun slideshow over at LIFE magazine of people who gave their names to things. Meet Madame de Pompadour, Enzo Ferrari, Charles Boycott, Henry Shrapnel, the Earl of Sandwich, Jules Leotard, and Amelia Bloomer among many others.

Stony Places
Check out this lovely slideshow of photos by Mariana Cook of stone walls — some of them thousands of years old — from around the world.

Neglected Classics Rediscovered
A new Bloomsbury digital imprint is reviving hundreds of neglected classics as ebooks, including out of print titles by authors such as Edith Sitwell, Monica Dickens and VS Pritchett. Very cool.

Upside Down Pear Cakes With Vanilla Honey and Cardamom Cream
Not only does this sound delicious, but the swooningly beautiful photographs and lovely meditative post that accompanies the recipe are well worth the read even if you don't bake. I do love roost.

(lovely photo by richard powers)

Houzz Ideabook

Warm and Woolly — my Houzz ideabook for September — was featured on the Houzz homepage yesterday! You can check it out here.

(photo via ferm living)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moments of Beauty

Colourful inspiration for fall, from the August 2012 issue of Russian Vogue. Love the look of the little jacket with a big neck wrap — might try this with a chunky scarf. More from the same shoot here.

(model alana zimmer photographed by ben toms, with styling by katie shillingford)

Let There Be Light

When Susan Fraser and Jean-Pierre Grousset moved into their maison de maitre in Lherm, located in France's Lot valley region, their challenge was to find a way to open the building's dark interior without losing its 19th century style. As you can see, they've succeeded beautifully. I love their lightness of touch in restoring their home, such as the airy attic bedroom — and the quirkier original details, like the unusual stairwell that leads to the basement kitchen that was literally once a pigsty. Furnished with street finds and family heirlooms, it's a home that's comfortable with both the past and present. More here on Homelife.

(photography by richard powers for the sept/oct 2011 issue of inside out)

Sponsor Spotlight

Exciting news! Lobo Luxe turns one soon, and to celebrate they're giving away these ultimate party earrings, valued at $209! The Red Lantern Earrings are handcrafted by Louise Douglas of New Zealand and are made of sterling silver, red vinyl and coral. To be in the running to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on the Lobo Luxe facebook page. Winners will be announced on October 4 2011 — good luck! Lobo Luxe ships worldwide too, so anyone is eligible to enter. And to make things even nicer, Lobo Luxe will be having a store wide sale from September 29 to October 4 2011 — get 10% off any purchase!

Cooler fall weather means a renewed interest in indoor activities such as sewing, and the wonderful Small Equals shop has come up with a great looking solution to organizing needles, threads, pins, bobbins and other sewing paraphernalia — the charmingly retro Sewing Box. Shown here alongside the adorable Saki, the Sewing Box, like the other Keepsake Boxes at Small Equals, is also perfect for storing game pieces, candies and other small items, too. Custom boxes created in collaboration with local small businesses are also in the works — stay tuned for Vermont Granola!

Get a stylish head start on the holiday season with this fantastic special offer from Deborah Flanagan Jewelry! For a limited time, Deborah is offering sets of her gorgeous hand forged 12 gauge (2mm) argentium sterling silver wire bangles at prices better than the single bangle price — instead of the regular price of $14 per bangle, a set of 3 bangles is now $38 while a set of 5 bangles is just $64. Don't forget to state what size you are, too. Visit Deborah's etsy shop now for early ordering and get set for beautiful holiday giving!

As well as being perfect for encouraging daydreams of travel (either actual or of the spirit), the new wondering about wandering print by Izabella of Fifiduvie would definitely add a pretty focus to a room, too. Silkscreened by hand on archival quality paper using silver and peacock blue non-toxic acrylic ink, this limited edition print measures 14" wide by 11" high and is signed and numbered by Izabella as well. A great gift for the wanderer and poet in all of us!

Lindsey of the lovely vintage shop Jolly Polly Pickins has just started a blog dedicated to her fab vintage style! Take a behind the scenes look at her great finds for the shop, find out the stories behind them, and get inspired by her fantastic eye. Recently Lindsey scored 8 vintage wire lamp shades — I love how sculptural these are, and would be tempted to just display them as is! Drop by Lindsey's blog here and visit the Jolly Polly Pickins shop here too.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Cool autumn evenings delicately scented with wood smoke.

(lovely photo by victoria pearson)

Atelier: George Chamoun

Love these elegantly designed collages of old and new movie stars by George Charmoun. Gorgeous and clever work — and fun to see who is combined with who, too.

(via today and tomorrow)

Monday, September 26, 2011


Mondays wouldn't be so bad if they started in a kitchen as pretty as this one — yes please to a slice of fresh bread with honey and a mug of hot coffee (or tea)!

(photo by morten holtum)

Fun With Colour

With verve and imagination Federica Naj Oleari has transformed her small apartment into a colourful private world that's rich in ideas. Overlooking a private garden, it's furnished with a mix of pieces either inherited from her family or found while browsing in shops, markets and museums. When it comes to the overall look of her space, bookstores are a favourite haunt for finding inspiration — and it's colour that has guided her choices the most. The green kitchen walls, for example, were matched to the shade that Bloomsbury group painter Vanessa Bell used in her paintings, while the purple in the living room was inspired by a vintage photo of the home of designer David Hicks. With references such as these, it's not surprising that Federica is passionate about art and photography, and her space is enlivened with an ever growing collection. But what could have been a formal exercise in colour theory is leavened with a healthy sense of humour — it's a playful space, meant to be enjoyed with a dash of irony. More here on Marie Claire Italia.

(photography by denise bonenti)

Friday, September 23, 2011


Happy weekend! Hope it's a good one. The weather here is set to be thunderstorms off and on for the next few days, so I think we'll be spending our time mostly indoors — reading, watching movies and maybe having a round or two of Scrabble. How about you?

(photo by nikolas koenig)

Living Colour

This beautifully proportioned living room was actually rather bland until a friendly decorator helped the family put together what is now a relaxed and colourful space. Here they watch TV, read, play music and enjoy their collection of art and mementos. More here on Bo Bedre.

(photography by andreas mikkel hansen)
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