Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Family

After several years of living in an attic apartment on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Trine and Mads Hedgaard wanted to be a little more earthbound — their ideal was a home with a garden, as close to the city center as possible. Happily they were able to realize their dream when they found this lovely and airy house. They also have a growing family — with two small children, they wanted a space that would not only be bright, but child friendly as well. So, after going through gallons of white paint, they've kept the furniture to a minimum and focused on good design and colourful details to add interest. It's an environment where the children can happily play anywhere and still serve as a serene retreat for the grownups. More here from Bolig magasinet.

(photography by Morten Holtum)

1 comment :

mydeco said...

Loved the black sofa and the purple lights hanging from the ceiling! These are definite focal point of the room!

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