Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sponsored Post: Dining Al Fresco

Many thanks to Claritin for sponsoring my post today about outdoor dining.

Whether you have an extensive backyard or a tiny balcony garden, once summer hits you'll want to take advantage of those sunny days and warm evenings and dine al fresco as much as possible. If allergies are keeping you indoors, there's a few things you can do with your garden (big or small) so that it's a space you can enjoy throughout the summer. Spending time in the garden later in the day means you'll avoid the worst of the pollen, which is at its peak in early morning. Planting low allergy plants such as gladiolas, peonies and flowering trees are also a great way to have beauty and colour in your garden without having to stay inside to enjoy it. Here are some lovely outdoor dining ideas, to get you out there and enjoying everything from elaborate summer suppers to a simple ice cream cone.

(photography via house to home)

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Glamour Drops said...

I would love to have dinner in that pink "room" with the billowing curtains. Fabulous!

Unknown said...

great images but Im totally in love with the 2nd one its perfect (heavenly) I want to be there its so so beautiful. Im so obssessed with alfresco dining right now (maybe due to living in England & i always being wet & cold makes me long for warming climates)

Unknown said...

Love all the pics - makes me want to go dine outdoors right now!
I have to agree with the other two comments before me...photo #2 is especially gorgeous. I love the colors!

Vânia Pinho said...

Olá,lindos Posts...Parabéns pelo lindo blog.Todas as imagens são de extremo bom gosto.Visitarei sempre.

Vãnia Pinho

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