Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Family Paradise

Twelve years ago Domitilla Brion and her family were beginning to find their summer holiday home rather cramped, so when her older sister, Chrystal, told her about discovering the island of Yeu in the Atlantic, she was intrigued. "She came back telling us of our childhood in Brittany, the sea that moves, small trails, the smell of heather, nature and modest homes." So she and her other sister, Angela, didn't hesitate long when the following summer they decided to each rent a house on the island. Enchanted with what they found, Domitilla and her family eventually became the owners of this lovely cottage. Two years later, they bought the house next door, allowing them to unite and extend what they had, eventually creating a harmonious family nest combining both private guest areas and shared spaces — a place where the three sisters and their families spend holidays in happy harmony, all in a beautiful house on the island of Yeu. More (in French) here from Marie Claire Maison.

(photography by Philippe Garcia for the May/June 2010 issue of Marie Claire Maison)


Milly said...

love your blog, I'm following!

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Alice Olive said...

Oh, all that light! So amazing! Lifts me from this cold weather.

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