Friday, February 25, 2011

Where The Wild Things Are

Christian and Anja Oxholm Sonne's loft apartment is a far cry from the usual well behaved white loft — wandering around their home, you'll meet a leopard carpet, disco balls, a bass drum decorously acting as a coffee table and a lifesize bronze tiger for starters. Joining the mix is a bar from a since closed cafĂ© and two leather chairs that Christian bought from a member of the band Black Sun. The one area that is a little more serious is the kitchen — not surprising as Christian and Anja run a catering company together, called Sonne's Kitchen. This is definitely a creative and endlessly inspiring space — how fun would a dinner invite here be? More photos here on Boligmagasinet.

(photography by Jesper Ray)


Tara said...

Love love love this place! Have to add it to my favorites. Found another great space with a similar vibe here

Jon Flooring said...

Tara is right - the Alice in Design space is eclectic in the same way as this space but I don't think it has the same 'wild' vibe. Everything seems like it would be perfectly at home in an African Safari lodge - a deluxe one, of course.

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