Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Simple Pleasures

The way the scent of clementine peel lingers for hours on your hands, like a delicate Proustian remembrance of Christmas.

(photo by karin a on flickr)

An Artful Home

For Bo Overton, it all started with a traditional landscape painting, painted by his good friend Bendt Schneevoigt. Not long after, Bo blew six months of savings on two works by the pop artist Azzopardi, purchased directly from the at Bayswater Market in London — Bo Overton still get Christmas cards from him every year. Fifteen years later, Bo's Copenhagen apartment is proof that his interest in art was not a passing phase — he's since amassed an impressive collection of modern contemporary art that covers all the walls and fills the corners of his home. Bo says that he's always been fascinated by the uniqueness of art — he loves to study the details and depth in the works, talking as well to the artists to understand their intentions. He describes it as buying a story. Bo's taste in art may be guided simply by what he likes, but it's consistent, too — his home, where art is mixed with classics of furniture design — is not a museum but a colourful one filled with happy energy. More photos here from Bo Bedre.

(photography by Andreas Mikkel Hansen)


A little inspiration. May your 2011 be a year filled with art, music, film, dance and all the other creative pursuits that make life rich and meaningful.

(via sweet + lovely things)
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