Monday, December 27, 2010


Christmas Day has come and gone, New Year's Eve is a few days away — this particular Monday is the perfect time to relax and truly savour the holiday season.

(photo by dreamy whites)

A New Appreciation

When Jacqueline and Conrad first discovered what is now their home in Bruges in the 1990s, not only was it by accident, but it puzzled their friends as well — at a time of minimalism in interior design, the ornate interiors dating from 1938-42 (when the building was first built), were thought eccentric at best. But Jacqueline and Conrad fell for the spacious rooms and beautiful natural light, and moved in. Initially, they had plans to do a little renovating to parts of the building, but ultimately, it never happened. Instead, they found that once they'd moved in, it immediately had a lived in and home-like atmosphere. Conrad, who studied painting and now restores historic interiors, notes that these days older houses often end up losing their personality when renovated — and what makes them interesting. So they left the original plasterwork and other details, finding it a sympathetic background for their extensive collections of art and objects gathered from all over the world. Now, of course, their friends love it as much as they do. More (in Dutch) here on Knack Weekend.

(photos by January Verlinde)

Sponsor Spotlight

Kareem of The Suitcase recently had a Christmas sale on a selection of prints — and though it may be (unfortunately) past now, do check out the new additions to his shop (at always very affordable prices)!

Ayse of Ayse Kozaci Jewelry has been adding some truly beautiful new items to her shop lately — such as these lovely Ancient Coin Earrings, a replica of an ancient Roman coin. Hand made in oxidized silver to give them an antique feel, the hammered sterling silver hoops are an additional perfect vintage touch. Available (on sale!) from her shop here.

Liza of Small Equals put on her photographer's hat recently, and the result is two beautiful and atmospheric 8 x 10 prints of vintage perfume bottles — plus a lovely story about how they came about, too. One of these would be so pretty framed and displayed over a dressing table! Purchase them from her shop here.
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