Friday, November 19, 2010


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely and relaxing one. The weather is turning chilly here over the next few days — wish we had a fireplace like this one so we could spend Sunday lounging beside it (or, curled up in that groovy hanging chair)! What are you doing this weekend?

(lovely photo by Roger Davies via cabbage rose)

New York Classic

With its generous space proudly wearing its original beams and pipes, the New York loft of Joseph Kosuth retains its industrial pedigree — and a feeling of authenticity like the first lofts colonized by artists in the early '70s. The decoration of this space evolved gradually, with most of the furniture sourced at flea markets, making it both comfortable and personal — the sort of place you feel instantly at home. Via OWI.

(photography by Verne)


Love this.

(illustration by Hugleikur Dagsson via pinterest — thanks so much to my fab readers for the credit info, too!)
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