Friday, November 12, 2010


Happy weekend! Hope it's a good one. Andrew had a particularly long and stressful week, so we're going to take things easy around here — a bit of puttering, a bit of reading, perhaps a movie or two. How about you?

(lovely photo by Jon Day)

An Artist's Dream

Have a look at this amazing space, renovated several years ago by the New York based design firm Ochs Design. The once abandoned 2700 sq-ft warehouse is now an artist's loft that retains many of its original details, such as the asphalt floor in the painting studio. And instead of adding walls and breaking up the openness of the loft, platforms were used to define the sleeping and living areas, allowing the paintings and artwork to dominate the interior. What artist wouldn't want to live here? More here. Via LoftLife.



(photo by anna kaminska on flickr, via pinterest)
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