Monday, November 08, 2010


Hope your Monday has a little sweetness in it.

(lovely photo from the swooningly gorgeous tartelette, via it's mary ruffle)

Lofty Calm

What was once a Spanish textile factory is now a beautiful living space with the high ceilings, exposed beams and large windows that are the ideals of a loft home. Rather than emphasizing the industrial past of the space, though, the owners opted to create a warm and relaxed ambience throughout, keeping the walls and floors a warm white that sets off perfectly the warm wood tones of their furniture — much of it antiques that they've either inherited or purchased. The layout of the loft was kept as simple as possible — the lobby, living area and kitchen form a common area, with the master bedroom off the kitchen. At the other end of the loft are the only enclosed rooms — two bathrooms and the children's rooms, which offer both privacy and the ability to host dinner parties without keeping the kids up late. Airy, comfortable and sunny, this lovely home is exactly why lofts will never go out of style. More (in Spanish) here. Via micasa.
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