Monday, October 18, 2010


An elegantly simple still life, to start your Monday off on a reflective note.

(lovely photo by the wonderful Gemma Comas)

A Vintage Loft

Many lofts tend towards the pale and serene, with white walls and minimal furnishings. Interior designer Romain Gellusseau took the opposite approach for his own small loft apartment — measuring just 68 metres square, he's filled it with eclectic finds sourced in flea markets, discovered online, a gift from relatives or just found on the street. With a background of vibrant colour to set off his collections, his home is a space filled with energy and humour — much like Romain. More photos (and article in French) here. Via Côté Maison.

(photographs by Guilliame de Laubier)

And ...

A very happy birthday to my stepmum Judi — have a wonderful day!

(photo via something to see)
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