Friday, October 15, 2010


Happy weekend! Hope it's a relaxing one for you. We'll be having dinner with family — what are you up to?

(lovely photo by James Merrell)

Industrial Chic

When art consultant James Robertson and his partner David Rupiani began their search for a house, they knew what they really wanted: lots of wall space, to exhibit as much artwork as possible. What they ended up with was somewhat different — a 1300 square foot loft that was essentially a cube, with a bathroom in one corner and a kitchenette at the other end. But the industrial look of the space appealed to them both, so they went ahead, deciding to install partitions for storage and to display their art collection. For help in redesigning their space, they turned to Amy Kent and Ryan Martin of Croma Design. Amy, who has known James since their college years, established a plan, creating two separate living areas — one for sleeping, with two private rooms and two bathrooms, and a main area for the living room, dining room and kitchen. Natural tones were used in the furnishings, as a warm counterpoint to the industrial aesthetic of the loft, while the use of Ikea cabinetry for the kitchen and for storage kept things within budget. Now their art collection is displayed throughout their home, such as in the dining room, where Linenshieff # 7, an iron sculpture by Knopp Ferro, takes the place of traditional lighting fixture over the table. More (in French) here. Via D├ęcormag.

(photos by Mark Burstyn)


May the spirit of adventure never leave you.

(photo via the
bs report)
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