Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sweetness and Light

I find this photograph so intriguing — it's like the start of a mystery story, with enigmatic clues left for us to decipher.

(photo by Shinichi Masumoto, via musubi)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Six Ways That Artists Hack Your Brains
From New Scientist: "Since humankind first put brush to canvas, artists have played with the mind and the senses to create sublime atmospheres and odd impressions. It is only recently, with a blossoming understanding of the way the brain deconstructs images, that neuroscientists and psychologists have finally begun to understand how these tricks work." Fascinating.

The Divine Sarah
Sarah: The Life of Sarah Bernhardt is the latest book about the world’s most famous actress. Graham Robb writes a fascinating review of Robert Gottlieb's biography for the New York Review of Books. What a life!

The Wood Stacker
From the Design Observer article by Adam Harrison Levy: "Elwood Shaler has been stacking wood for 75 years. His wood piles are the envy of the valley in which he lives. They are unlike the squat pragmatic designs you often see when driving the back roads of New England. They are monumental."

A Round Up From London Fashion Week
Harriet Quick, Fashion Features Director at Vogue, has a great overview of this year's London Fashion Week on Phaidon Agenda.

The Diary of a Disappointed Book
A charming, slightly bittersweet short film about the year in the life of a book. Via anthology magazine.

David Bailey: The Proust Questionnaire
AnOther magazine quizzes legendary photographer David Bailey with their modern version of the Proust questionnaire.

Design Snobbery
Lauren over at Pure Style Home has a lovely and thought provoking post on the issue of design snobbery — specifically, interior design snobbery. And totally unrelated, but love that barn board table she has in her back yard!

(photo by Morten Holtum)
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