Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moments of Beauty

Audrey Hepburn — a beautiful face and a beautiful dress.

(via audrey hepburn complex)

Poetry in Colour

Owners Kaat and Kris Steyaert wanted their early 20th century Belgian guest house to be as warm and welcoming as possible for family and friends. As they had their own vision for what they wanted the space to be, they divided up the responsibilities for renovation between themselves — Kaat was responsible for decorating and her husband Kris chose the building materials, such as the cement used for the kitchen walls (covered with a waterproof varnish for a polished look). When it came to adding art, the couple asked their friend, painter Geertje Vangenechten, to decorate their home by painting directly on the walls. Kaat says, "I wanted to create a different ambience of each room, playing with colors and floral patterns on the wall." Working with a theme of flowering Japanese cherry branches, Geertje painted a detail of it in every room, varying the colours (red, pink, orange, purple) depending on the room. Stretching over three floors, their house is now a colourful and poetic place to spend a few days in Belgium. More here. Via Marie Claire Maison.
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