Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Moments of Beauty

A field of lavender, dreaming through a hazy summer afternoon.

(lovely photo by Janne Peters)

Island Getaway

Having fallen in love with Corsica after spending several summers there, Bruno and Isabelle decided to build their own holiday home — one in harmony with the stunning scenery surrounding them. Their ideal was a home that could comfortably accommodate not just their own family (they have three teenage children) but their children's friends and cousins as well while still maintaining privacy for everyone. To that end, architect Thomas Fourtamé of Archipectrus in Porto-Vecchio and Véronique Lecomte, an architect and interior decorator based in Paris, devised for the couple two clearly defined spaces — a main living area that opens out onto rooms for the parents and guests, and, joined by a walkway, an area dedicated to the three teens consisting of three single rooms, an outdoor shower and a large bathroom. The structure itself is built entirely with eco-friendly materials, ensuring that the impact on the surrounding environment is as minimal as possible. Now, nestled between the pines and rock, with a breathtaking view over the Mediterranean, the family can relax and enjoy their beautiful island retreat. More (in French) here. Via Marie Claire Maison.
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