Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweetness and Light

For some reason this sweet little dog reminds me of Audrey Hepburn — something to do with the elegant pose and chic outfit, I think.

(photo via arthound)


This week's links. Enjoy.

In the Palm of Your Hand: Dexterity Puzzles
Jessica Helfand looks at the history of dexterity games — "the essential hand-eye challenge of rolling a ball into a hole or tilting a capsule through a maze." Fun stuff — and be sure to check out the slide show, too. Via Design Observer.

Political Playbook
Lapham's Quarterly has compiled a fascinating little list of the athletic prowess of political leaders — for instance, Mary Queen of Scots was reported to have played golf just days after the murder of her husband Lord Darnley (yikes).

Top Ten Graphic Design Books
Patrick Cramsie picks ten excellent books for the thinking graphic designer.

Where the Creative Class Jobs Will Be
Richard Florida writes in The Atlantic: "More than 35 million people are currently employed in creative class work in fields like science, technology, and engineering; business, finance, and management; law, health care, and education; and arts, culture, media, and entertainment. The creative class makes up roughly a third of total employment and accounts for more than half of all wages and salaries in America." Find out where the best (U.S. based) places for the creative class will be in the future.

Downloadable Circle Dot Box
Print out a little gift box in a great modern circle dot design, courtesy of the fab Don't Eat the Paste. Via how about orange.

Gourmet Food Trucks
Interesting NPR story about a recent boom in professional chefs starting their own food truck businesses. Sounds delicious!

When to Use i.e. in a Sentence
The Oatmeal has a fun little visual guide to the correct usage of i.e. (and e.g.) in a sentence. A painless way to brush up on your grammar!

Ultimate Sandwich Recipes
Saveur magazine has a scrumptious collection of sandwich recipes that are positively inspiring — I'm definitely going to be trying out a few of these for upcoming lunches (or suppers).

(lovely photo by Heidi Lerkenfeldt via desire to inspire)

Playing Card Prints

Love these great playing card prints from the etsy shop Petek Design. So fun.
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