Friday, August 13, 2010


Happy weekend! Hope it's a delicious one. With the warm weather we've been doing a lot of picnic-y grazing suppers — lots of little salads (both leafy and more substantial with beans or potato), a bit of cheese, perhaps some cold chicken, plus an olive or three, all accompanied by a good baguette. It's heating up again this weekend, so we'll be enjoying more of the same. How about you? What do you enjoy eating when the weather gets muggy?

(lovely photo by Clare Plueckhahn via it's mary ruffle)

An Ocean Palette

Located on the island of Filicudi, one of the eight islands that make up the Aeolian archipelago (situated 20-30 miles northeast of the island of Sicily), this lovely house was home to owner Alberto as a boy. Now he and his wife Adriana are happy to have their children Alice and Tito enjoying the same things he did growing up — the beauty of the island, the shy but friendly character of the inhabitants, a simpler life by the sea.

The house itself, situated on a slope overlooking the harbor, was typical of the Aeolian home, with three large rooms adjoining each other but with separate entrances from the patio, a small annex, an outdoor bath. On the main floor there was a stable, an oven and a closet. For their own family they decided they needed to change the layout a little, so they asked friend and interior designer Stefania Di Girolamo for help. Stefania recalls being overwhelmed by the magical beauty of the place, with nights under stars, surrounded by the scents of the Mediterranean, parents and children talking late into the night. They all agreed that this home was primarily a place of hospitality — so, several bedrooms and a bathroom and dressing room were added around the main building, which remains the centre of social life. The decor is simple and traditional, with white everywhere and a soft fresh seafoam blue that reflects the sea outside. Welcoming and peaceful, their home is now an idyllic place for the family to enjoy. More (in Italian) here. Via Marie Claire Italia.

(photos by Adriano Bacchella)


A vintage Tokyo subway poster from 1978 features Napoleon reminding passengers to clearly show their train pass. More vintage subway posters here, too. Via Pink Tentacle.
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